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Sneak peek to the new High Flyers campaign

Here is a sneak peek to the new High Flyers campaign. We get some exciting new player cards and a free boost item. Be also sure to get the additional 200 daily stamina (100 stamina every 12 hours) to finish your Second Chance campaign.

Help us to complete our player database

Right now we have the most complete NBALM player database but we are still missing some players and their stats. Please help us to complete our database. If you have any of the players listed in this file just contact us. Thank you so much!


What’s new today (May 17, 2019)

Exciting changes today

  • New Campaign Golden State Warriors WE BELIEVE
  • Showdown players have been upgraded to 104 OVR.
  • New Conference Finals Events for Second Chance Campaign to get more points.
  • More unused tokens are now quicksellable.
  • New Out Of Position Players available
  • LvL pack has been changed to Out Of Position Boom Or Boost

Playoffs 2019: Second Chance

The third Playoffs 2019 campaign is coming. 5 different masters are waiting for us. Milestones gives us Second Chance Tokens that can be used in many different sets.

The Master Packs are obtained through events which get activated when you reach different Milestones. Blitz events give a first win bonus every 8 hours. This time also the third blitz includes a first win bonus. You can earn much more points compared to blitz events by playing season.

Extra Points can be obtained via store packs and we get two nice boost players to fasten up the grind.

The more Milestones you reach the more tokens you will get to use in the sets to get even more players

What’s new today (May 13, 2019)

Today’s changed caused some questions.

  • Monthly Master Curry has been changed and includes now his newest UA Shoe. Grinding doesnt change. If you miss any tokens or Curry cards just restart the app. You will get a shoe token for every Curry set you complete.
  • Showdown players will be upgradeable to 104 OVR on May 20.
  • Underdog 100 OVR players will be updated to 103 tomorrow after maintenance.
  • The make good for the flashbacks objectives issue will be going out tomorrow via a notification. All players should receive 30 gold UA RUSH tokens.