Running of the Bulls campaign calculation

This campaign is something that’s different than how other promos work. There is nothing to use stamina for. Aquire points by claiming a bonus pack every 6 hours or purchasing store packs. The more you spend/buy, the better the chances of getting a master.

My advice: Claim 5 Red Bandanas and 10 Matador Points every 6 hours and use them on the events. Since each event only lasts for 1 day, repeat the event on that specific day as many times as you can using the bandanas.

Days left: 5 (July 14, 2019)
Possible points (Red Bandanas) daily through Runner’s Pack: 20 (4 packs)
Possible points (Red Bandanas) totally: 100 (20 packs)

Possible Matador Points totally: 500

Non-Spenders with few store packs

Milestone 1: 1995 United Center Court (40)
Milestone 2: 1995 Chicago Bulls Hardwood Classic Jersey (65)
Milestone 3: Bulls or Bust Pack (75)
Milestone 4: Phil Jackson Boost Item (100)
Milestone 5: Matador Pack (250)
Milestone 6: Matador Pack (400)
Milestone 7: Bulls or Bust Pack (410)
Milestone 8: Matador Pack (560)
Milestone 9: Matador Pack (710)
Milestone 10: Bulls or Bust Pack (720)
Milestone 11: Matador Pack (870)
Milestone 12: Matador Pack (1020)
Milestone 13: Bulls or Bust Pack (1030)
Milestone 14: Matador Pack (1180)
Milestone 15: Matador Pack (1230)

(Late post due to a busy schedule)

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