Month: May 2019

Sneak peek to the new High Flyers campaign

Here is a sneak peek to the new High Flyers campaign. We get some exciting new player cards and a free boost item. Be also sure to get the additional 200 daily stamina (100 stamina every 12 hours) to finish your Second Chance campaign.

Help us to complete our player database

Right now we have the most complete NBALM player database but we are still missing some players and their stats. Please help us to complete our database. If you have any of the players listed in this file just contact us. Thank you so much!


New B-Side Elgin Baylor and Record Breaker Jerry West available

Record Breaker Tokens and B-Side Tokens can be used again. This time we get some amazing legends from the past.

Here is a calculation how much coins you would spend if you complete one player via auction house. The more tokens you already have the cheaper you will get your OVR 104 players of course.

Tokens needed for OVR 95: 2 (200 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 96: 4 (400 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 97: 6 (600 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 98: 8 (800 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 99: 10 (1.000 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 100: 15 (1.500 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 101: 20 (2.000 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 102: 25 (2.500 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 103: 30 (3.000 points)
Tokens needed for OVR 104: 35 (3.500 points)
Token needed totally: 155

Coins needed paying 10k for each token: 1.550.000
Coins needed paying 20k for each token: 3.100.000
Coins needed paying 30k for each token: 4.650.000
Coins needed paying 40k for each token: 6.200.000
Coins needed paying 50k for each token: 7.750.000
Coins needed paying 60k for each token: 9.300.000

My advice: Take your time and try to snipe the tokens for under 20k or wait some more days until prices go down. We got so many new players right now.

What’s new today (May 17, 2019)

Exciting changes today

  • New Campaign Golden State Warriors WE BELIEVE
  • Showdown players have been upgraded to 104 OVR.
  • New Conference Finals Events for Second Chance Campaign to get more points.
  • More unused tokens are now quicksellable.
  • New Out Of Position Players available
  • LvL pack has been changed to Out Of Position Boom Or Boost

Golden State Warriors WE BELIEVE campaign calculation

My advice: If you don’t want to spend money in the game get at least the free packs and the coins packs. At the end you spend 280.000 coins for 500 NBA cash. And maybe EA adds more points in the next days.

Days left: 7 (May 24, 2019)

Possible points daily through ad: 100
Possible points daily through free pack: 50
Possible points daily through coin pack: 600
Possible points daily totally: 750
Possible points totally: 5250 (1050 without coin packs)

Non-Spenders without coins packs
Non-Spenders with coins packs
Spenders (Gain 125 We Believe Points per $1 USD from each We Believe tagged purchase)

Milestone 1: 2018-2019 Golden State Warriors “The Town” Alternate Court a.k.a. Oracle Arena (Alternate) (1000)
Milestone 2: 2018-2019 Golden State Warriors City Edition Jersey (2000)
Milestone 3: We Believe Sign Boost Item (3000)
Milestone 4: 500 NBA Cash (5000)
Milestone 5: Golden State Statement Edition Jersey (6500)
Milestone 6: 1000 NBA Cash (9500)
Milestone 7: Steve Kerr Coach (12500)
Milestone 8: Golden State Earned Edition Jersey (18500)
Milestone 9: 2000 NBA Cash (25000)
Milestone 10: 2018-2019 Hardwood Classic Court a.k.a. Oracle Arena (30000)
Milestone 11: 2006 Hardwood Classic Jerseys – Orange & White(37500)
Milestone 12: We Believe Select Pack (Baron Davis or Wilt Chamberlain) (50000)