Tips for grinding NBA Awards campaign

Yesterday we got a new campaign in NBALM which offers us a lot of stuff to grind for. Here are some tips to get the most out of this promo:

  1. Get the Coach first to get 10% MVP points boost as soon as possible.
  2. Do all the first wins even if you are grinding only for a DPOY or a ROTY card. First wins still are the most efficient way to get MVP points. Don’t miss them!
  3. Grind season as much as you can. You will get a lot more MVP points for your stamina compared to blitz event. Example: Playing the first wins every 6 hours means you need 900 stamina daily just to play the blitz events for the first win bonus. So you still have 990 stamina to use for playing season games (if you don’t do anything else of course).  Without any boosts you can get 1980 points if you use all that stamina for season. Blitz events just would give you 990 points. And if you lose your season games you even get 50% of your stamina back (10 stamina for a season game). So that means 3960 points for 990 stamina compared to 990 points through blitz events. Of course you get more points if you have boost items like coach or players.
  4. Use your Warmup-Points at the end if possible since you will have more boost players and get more points for every 50 Warmup-Points.
  5. Use your LvL Tokens in the Exchange set if you have enough.
  6. If you have coins buy Coaches and Players from this promo via AH. You will get Platinum Boost Items for every 5 cards you get (grind or buy).

If you grind hard and follow those tips you can even get the second master with ability (Harden).

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