Important News for grinding NBA Draft 2019 campaign

Update: The Post-Draft Trades Event is only unlocked if you played all Combine Events. Sorry guys, back to the first calculation I posted some days ago. 🙁

I played the whole NBA Draft 2019 campaign in the EA test app just to see if you earn the needed tokens for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks just by earning 39, 48 and 58. Good news: It is enough. You don’t need to finish all the Combine events which means you need less Draft Caps to earn the 58 Draft Ballots needed for the 1st pick (Zion?).

Here is how to get enough Draft Ballots:

  1. Use your stamina to get as many Draft Caps as possible (this grind didn’t change)
  2. Finish only the Events from 10th to 7th Draft Pick Combine. Also do the 6h Draft Pick Combine if you want but not needed.
  3. Wait for the Post-Draft Trades Event to be enabled. Save all your Draft Caps until then. You will earn a Draft Ballot for 150 Draft Caps each.

Quick calculation:

Possible Draft Caps totally: 8320
Needed Draft Caps to finish 10th to 7th Draft Pick Combine: 1200

Draft Caps left for the Post-Draft Trades Event: 7120

Draft Ballots earned via Combine events: 13
Draft Ballots earned via Post-Draft Trades Event: 47
Draft Ballots earned totally: 60

That’s all. If EA doesn’t change anything you will be able to get enough Draft Ballots for the 1st pick. Everything now depends on the Post-Draft Trades Event. Of course you won’t get Draymond Green OVR 106 if you don’t grind the Combine Events.


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