Vice Nights campaign calculation

This campaign is something totally new. There is nothing to use stamina for. Aquire points by claiming a bonus pack every 4 hours or purchasing the Vice Nights coin pack in store. Any real money in-game purchase also gives you additional points. The more you spend, the closer you get to the Master.

My advice: Get the bonus packs and the coins packs. At the end you spend 280k coins for 500 NBA cash. And maybe EA adds more points in the next days.

Possible points daily through coins packs: 600 (4 packs)
Possible points daily through bonus packs: 125 (5 packs daily)
Possible points daily totally: 725
Possible points totally: 5075

Non-Spenders without coins packs
Non-Spenders with coins packs

Milestone 1: First Court (1000)
Milestone 2: First Jersey (2000)
Milestone 3: Mascot (3000)
Milestone 4: 500 NBA Cash (5000)
Milestone 5: Second Jersey (6500)
Milestone 6: 1000 NBA Cash (9500)
Milestone 7: 2012 NBA Championship Ring Boost Item (12500)
Milestone 8: Third Jersey (18500)
Milestone 9: 2000 NBA Cash (25000)
Milestone 10: Second Court (30000)
Milestone 11: Fourth Jersey (37500)
Milestone 12: Dwane Wade OVR 101 (50000)


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