Pro tips for grinding “Pot of Gold” campaign

Get the most shamrocks out of your available stamina with this pro tips:

    1. Try to grind as fast as possible to reach Milestone 8 as soon as possible. You will get your second boosted player for your lineup. The faster you get the boosted players, the faster you receive more points by playing the events.
    2. Do the daily objectives to get the Bonus Pack. You will also receive 100 shamrocks. Even if you need to play 4 Showdown games (2 wins, 2 losses) you still earn more shamrocks compared to playing blitz events for the same stamina.
    3. Do the daily objectives for the Monthly Master even if you don’t grind fot it. You get 750 shamrocks by completing the events. Most of the days you don’t even need a lot of stamina for it. But even if you need 250 stamina to complete them, you get way more shamrocks out of it compared to 10 blitz events. Most of the objectives can be completed by autoplaying some stamina free events like the second event of the Monthly Master campaign.
    4. Always play your League games. You get 100 shamrocks for each tournament and for every played quarter and you only have to use 20 stamina.
    5. The first blitz event (25 stamina) is the best one, since you receive more XP and coins. Do the other ones just for the first wins.
    6. Don’t forget the daily hidden event 🙂 Ask on Discord or check Twitter if you don’t find it. You get free stamina and shamrocks.
    7. Never forget: Always remain under your stamina softcap. That makes sure you stamina is reloading all the time.


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